Workshop – 30th of september

Workshop of ALYS (Analysis of Urban Surfaces with SAR tomography) project

To conclude the ALYS project on SAR tomography funded by ASTRID program, a virtual workshop is organized on wednesday 30th of sepetember, mixing presentations of the project results and invited talks.

The preliminary program is the following:


  • 9:20 Introduction to the workshop, Florence Tupin (Télécom Paris), Laurent Ferro-Famil (IETR)
  • 9:30 Extraction of urban objects with remote sensing,                                                      Invited talk of Thomas Corpetti (IRISA, Rennes University)
  • 10:15 Very high resolution airborne SAR imaging: multi-pass interferogram
    synthesis, processing and analysis, Loïc Denis (Laboratoire Hubert Curien), Valentine Wasik, Hélène Oriot (ONERA)
  • (15 minutes break)
  • 11:15 New approaches for improving SAR tomographic reconstructions of urban areas, Invited talk of Gilda Schirinzi (Parthenope University, Italy)
  • 12:00 Multi-resolution and multi-temporal analysis using SAR tomography,                     Yue Huang, Laurent Ferro-Famil (IETR, Rennes University)


  • 2:00 Single-Look Multi-Master SAR Tomography in Urban Scenarios,                           Invited talk of Nan Ge (DLR)
  • 2:45 Structural information in Urban SAR tomography, Clément Rambour (CNAM), Loïc Denis (Laboratoire Hubert Curien), Florence Tupin (Télécom Paris), Hélène Oriot (ONERA)
  • (15 minutes break)
  • 3:45 Compressed InSAR for Mexico city subsidence,                                                         Invited talk of Dinh Ho-Tong-Minh (INRAE)
  • 4:30 Spectral analysis techniques for tomographic SAR imaging of urban
    areas, Laurent Ferro-Famil, Yue Huang (IETR, Rennes)
  • 5:15 Conclusion of the day

The workshop will be freely accessible via a zoom link.